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Pre-Qualification and Pre-Approvals

Pre-Qualify Before You Buy

If you are looking for a mortgage to finance you new property, you won't want to start the journey without a written pre-qualification.  With just a few questions from our mortgage specialists, you'll be able to discover:

  • The different types of mortgage options

  • How much cash you need

  • How much you can borrow

  • What it will cost every month


A pre-approval is a written commitment to lend.  It gives you buying power, much like you were buying a home for cash..


Reverse Mortgages

If you are over 62, check out our reverse mortgages. With little or no qualifying, you could turn your  home's equity in tax-free cash, while you continue to own your home AND make no payments.


You can even purchase your retirement home using a reverse mortgage.


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