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Traditional and Non-Traditional

Real Estate


Conventional Lending

TAG Financial's 3% down payment loan makes it easy to own a home.  Whether you're a first time home buyer or an experienced homeowner, TAG Financial can assist you in buying or refinancing your home at the best rates available.

Government Lending

TAG Financial's VA loans help veterans secure a home with no money out of pocket.  Check out our competetive VA rates, whether you are purchasing or refinancing your home.


TAG Financial also offers FHA mortgages for those with less than perfect credit.  With 3.5% down, you can purchase the home of your dreams..


Owner Occupied / Second Homes/ Investment Properties








If you're an investor, rehabber, or like to flip properties, our non-traditional lending programs may be just what you're looking for.  For quick cash for those non-conventional projects, check out our non-traditional, equity based lending products.

Non-Traditional Lending

Reverse Mortgages 



If you are 62 or over, you may qualify for a reverse mortgage.  Use the equity in your home to eliminate mortgage payments, or turn it in to cash to use as you wish.  Find out about what a reverse mortgage can do for you and your family.

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